Sing A Simple Song  | Our Artist Compilation

The first 11 track compilation from Sing A Simple Song. Lovingly curated and consciously keeping it ’boutique’.

We’re so proud of our artists on this compilation. Kristy’s voice is reminiscent of Fiest and Sia. Dave’s voice, very reminiscent of Nick Drake, drops current folk sounds with some fabulous instrumentation and playing.

The You & Me Ensemble really have something unique in their sound. Audi think so too. Paper Navy, our good friends from Tennessee, totally clean up on both song writing and production chops with beautiful vocals from Shawn.

Sarah represents Saff London with her beautiful voice and thoughtful lyrics. In Our Bubble, what a track… Whilst As Are We All drops hook after hook. And how hooky is Perfect Day (!)

All tracks are available for worldwide license.

The You & Me Ensemble  | Through The Forests & Into The Fields

The 8 track debut album Through The Forests and Into The Fields features a compelling combination of songs and instrumentals that are interlinked by delicate and beautiful melodies, soft intimate vocals and a spell-binding sparkle that comes from the wide instrumentation used.

The You and Me Ensemble is the brainchild of composer/producer Chris Read who wrote all the music and plays all the instruments. The 8 tracks draw from his many musical influences that range from The Penguin Café Orchestra, Feist, Mark Mothersbaugh and…er…The Beatles.

Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip fame is a fan too – “I’m liking the Penguin Cafe Orchestra atmosphere of my friend Chris’s latest project…”

All tracks are available for worldwide license. Email us and we’ll ping the zip file over inc. all tracks and instrumentals.

Dave Gerard  | Under Veiled Light EP

Dave Gerard is a new signing to Sing A Simple Song Publishing. We’ll let the reviews do the talking:

“Usurping the standard folk formula and carving a niche of their own, Gerard and Frid have a habit of grabbing what ever instrument comes to hand — be it guitar, banjo, mandolin… — retuning it and going from there. With rich harmonies meeting melody full on, Gerard and Frid could be the next alt folk heros.” — The Wireless

We’re going to make a prediction. By the end of 2012, Dave Gerard will be signed on a top notch folk label like Bella Union with an album out that was rated 4/5 by The Times and 8.2 on Pitchfork.

We’re delighted to be working with Dave and his gang and more excited at what we know is coming.

All tracks are available for worldwide license.

Orchestral  | Action | Drama | Romance | etc...

A Selection of orchestral pieces covering all / most themes. And as the titles suggest, whether for games or for a Hollywood blockbuster, this music sits comfortably across both mediums.

All tracks are available for worldwide license and similar themes can be composed to brief.


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