The 90-second film juxtaposes a slew of reality television audio clips with visuals of life being played. It celebrates those who choose to ignore the banality of today’s reality television climate, in favour of
 creating their own stories with friends and teammates. Furthermore, the film encourages those of us not out already, to get off the sofa. Because in the end, life deserves to be played, and channel surfing is not a sport.

The music was born out of a few very simple insights - As the visual language of the film is of a disjointed nature, we wanted to underpin this with a long arc arrangement. We also felt that this would also work well from a counterbalance point of view. Less is more. We pitched a number of highly produced tracks ranging in styles. Some purposely ignored the brief, some bang on, and some explored a different interpretation altogether.

Music by Produced by Squeak E Clean Productions. Directed by Fredrik Bond for Droga5.

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