A World Cup 2010 piece for the largest legal gambling brand in Japan, Toto Sports.

The client was looking for an energetic piece with an obvious African feel to it so to bring the excitement of football and give a sense of place.

We didn’t want to go down the same old route of African choir / chanting libraries as we guessed most would be going down this route – African Hi-Life made perfect sense for a style to explore.

Heavy kicks and a deep bass line underpin the mid ranged percussion and keys that allow for room at the top for the melodic hi-life Stratocaster guitar line. Some pretty hectic music going on with a real fusion of African hi-life guitar and other world elements to add to the hectic pace required to nail the brief perfectly.

Highlife is a musical genre that originated in Ghana in the 1900s and spread to Sierra Leone, Nigeria and other West African countries by 1920. It is very popular in Liberia and all of English-speaking West Africa.

The track has been licensed for a second year in 2012.

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