A fast paced highly cut spot featuring the Argentinean striker Lionel Messy. Entitled Parallel Lives because of  Lionel’s and the game player’s parallel lives. The music had to be of South American in style to give it sense of place.

The vocal scat, horns and snare rolls really help stitch the two lives together and help give the visuals the required slick and fluid feel by syncing with Lionel’s foot skills – see 23 secs in when the rolling snare embellishes the move as Lionel side steps the opposition player.

We even managed to sync a hi-pass filter over the Timbale to emulate the rising sun in the opening scene! Too much? Watch another, even more tightly sync’d sports commercial we composed on here.


“The Composers nailed it first time. Pretty amazing really as they only had one day to deliver the music. Add to this the fact we needed 5 cut downs. The Composers are easy to work with, no hassle and I would highly recommend them”.

Scott Garrod, European Licensing Manager @ Konami.

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