A big cheesy Cheese Monster spot for Canada.

We threw all sorts of tracks at this job but the client was insistent on having a big heroic and bombastic track to hit home the action and fun.

Good call too as the nature of the commercial needs a slightly over the top / hammed up piece like this. A mixture of fun, tension, action and an heroic reveal at the end hits home “how great cheese strings are for kids” ;o/

All instrumentation used are Pro software based, incorporating everything from Violin, Viola, Cello, Horns, Trombone, Timpani’s military marching snares and all sorts of weird and wonderful percussion.

The SFX were not created by us and we knew from the brief that these would play a big part in the finished work. Therefore we had to be mindful not to encroach on this element – hard when its not on the film when composing!

100% cheese and 100% fun! My son loves it. Job done.

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