We pitched two pieces for this commercial. As requested, a piano led piece designed to accentuate the coins spinning movement. The second composition, as we thought the previous may be too delicate and understated, explored the theme energy. Again, we synced tightly to the coins using stick, hand and finger drums to highlight the beefy raw energy the engine can repeatedly draw upon. This, the one you’re watching, won the pitch.


“We were really scratching our heads trying to find the right soundtrack for the Audi Coins commercial. We’d tried creating a track using the sound of real coins but it felt a bit flat. We tried several different musical approaches without success. The drum track Chris did for us brought the whole idea to life in a wholly unexpected way. So much of the energy and pace of the commercial was created by it. That they did it so quickly was a bonus.” …Nick Kidney, Creative Director @ BBH.

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