Sexuality was the first studio album by Tellier produced by someone other than himself. When de Homem-Christo was asked to produce the album, he was flattered and immediately agreed to do it. He expressed that Tellier “is maybe the best singer and composer in France today” and felt that the album was one of the few collaborative efforts in which he could contribute significantly and uniquely.

“If you feel it and if you feel something creatively interesting then it’s possible.”

Mrzyk & Moriceau and Mathematic bring you a hypnotic, semi-erotic video created for Sebastien Tellier’s latest track off his acclaimed album « Sexuality », and also to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Record Makers.

The film was initially created in 3D with 2D effects, using Flash and After FX, and then later re-animated on paper by the two directors.

To listen to the whole album on Record Makers, click here.

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